Visual Process

Visual Process (rebranded as Precog) saves maintenance costs, and improve efficient at Power, Oil and Gas plants by analyzing critical sensor data and converting it into focused early alerts that are not seen by the regular control systems.

I've been working with Visual Process for several years now.
At first I was hired to developed graphical, job-oriented diagrams which provide a visual representation of the business processes, simplify system navigation, and help users to perform daily tasks quickly and efficiently.

Over time we discovered that this is a good way of presenting the data when the user needs to have an overview of the entire system, when there is a need to look at the data and analyze it from a higher perspective.
However, users didn't find this form of work efficient enough for tasks they perform daily and needed to be completed quickly.

We then rebuilt the interface to use other components in everyday tasks (table, forms, trees, etc) while users could still access the visual diagram by opening it from a certain link if needed.

In addition we switched JS libraries and moved from developing with Ext JS to Angular.