Nomades Advanced Technologies

At Nomades Geneva I conducted a five days course, supported by hands-on lab sessions, and practical exercises. I also assisted students with their final project, and attended in the evaluation team meeting.

Throughout the length of the course the following subjects were studied:

  • Challenges of interface design for mobile devices, and interface guidelines.
  • How to set up a work environment, and start a Sencha Touch project.
  • How to use Sencha Cmd to build the application.
  • What are the UI building blocks of the framework.
  • DOM & events.
  • How to master Ext JS 4 essentials - the new class system, and MVC architecture.
  • Introducing to the new data package.
  • Using forms.
  • Managing Ajax requests.
  • Using Native APIs.
  • Implementing geo features and the use of maps, and adding multimedia.
  • Styling & Theming.
  • Packaging apps to run on mobile devices.