Forcepoint is an Austin-based company which develop an internet access management system, allows an organization to monitor, report, and manage employee internet use.

During the time I worked with Forcepoint I served under different roles and provided consulting, training sessions and development services on occasions.

They started developing with Ext JS version 4, then upgraded to version 5 when it was released. Since their app needed great scalability and was required to be able to include different modules and components on demand, they had to master this library and to learn how to take advantage on every capability and feature it offers.

Balancing between the need to achieve great flexibility without over engineering the infrastructure was quite a challenge. It took me a while to explain the ideas behind the library and to show how to use each methodology when. Luckily I worked closely with Tamara, an amazing software architect and a very experienced one which also contributed the business logic.

Finally I had to create the theme for the application and to demonstrate how, despite the fact that the library offers several themes out of the box, it is possible to create a tailored theme with as much customization as desired.

I had the chance to work with a great team, I learned a lot myself, and I enjoyed every moment there.