Check Point Software Technologies

At Check Point I worked for several years, started there as an employee and later on, when I opened my business, as a freelance developer and an independent consultant.
Over the years I had the chance to participate in developing a few web interfaces for different products, such as: WebIS, SmartPortal, Gaia, Seattle and Document Security.

I also conducted a three days Ext JS 4 workshop, supported by hands-on lab sessions and practical exercises, and have held weekly training sessions for other members on the development team.

Responsibilities and deliverables

A few of my key responsibilities included:

  • Built reusable layouts, themes and UI libraries to become the building blocks of other Web applications being developed by Check Point, designed and maintained custom Web infrastructure.
  • Designed and implemented the Gaia project using Ext JS library, starting with version 3 and then upgraded to version 4.
  • Implemented new UI functionality, improvements and extensions as required by the overall architecture of the product. Integrated with different services.
  • Performed usability testings at the Check Point lab.
  • Responsive development and browsers compatibility.
  • Stayed up to date on security threats and cyber frauds.
  • Created independent JS modules to develop and maintain agile web applications and infrastructures for the enterprise.