Big Data

This project was built as a prototype to be used as a proof of concept and later be extended into an enterprise application.
Therefore some aspects are still under discussion and as a result not all features were included for first stage of development but are planned to be added later in the process.

The main idea was to develop a data visualization framework and big data analysis platform, to visualize semantic networks and to work with them.
Giving the user a way to aggregate the data, organize it, make data integration between different sources, and extract useful insights.
The requirement was to create an interface designed for beginner and expert developers alike.

Since the app was planned to be extended in next stages, a scalable modular architecture were used to be able to add or remove separate modules on demand.

I was responsible for the front-end entirely and led the development process of the UI from concept to release, including design of the layout, components, visualization, behavior, and architecture.

I also had to work closely with the back-end developer, planning the API, which required quite a bit of collaboration and coordination since we both worked at the same time, each on a separated work stream.

The theme for this application was built on Sass using the OOCSS methodology with strong focus on scalability and performance.