is a professional one-person web development business, providing end-to-end web development services for enterprise web applications and PWAs, focusing on scalability, performance, flexibility and ease of maintenance while working with various web related technologies and tools.
Although I can do many things, I mostly work as a front-end developer and UI/UX consultant. I would love to collaborate and learn from others - don't hesitate to reach out. You would be surprised to meet a friendly person with a flexible mind and a different approach to life.

About Me

If you are looking for both a professional developer and an excellent mentor look no further.

  • Create a polished and stable Web interface that is a joy to use.
    I ensure users can quickly find the information that they are looking for and complete their tasks as easily as possible by offering the right UI solutions. Help them navigate through massive data structure, analyze it properly and accept the right decision based on a clear interface. Increase the app adoption and customer loyalty with a great user experience.
  • Rapid learning capability for new projects.
    I can start working on any projects immediately which means you won’t have to spend time on training. This is very valuable to any outsource company that offers services to different clients and needs to solve urgent issues quickly and effectively.
  • Work efficiency.
    good understanding of work methodologies led me to aim towards building scalable apps where the costs of maintenance can be reduced and carried out on time and on budget.
  • Strong knowledge of Web development methodologies and related tools.
    thorough understanding of Web development and Web infrastructures has gained me the tools I need to be able to solve difficult problems quicker.
  • Provide guidance, mentoring and clear instructions when needed.
    I can encourage the other team members to maximize their skills, to collaborate in order to achieve the best results when developing a Web app, and to make them enthusiastic about it. Working with others to solve difficult problems can save a lot of time in development, eliminate barriers arise during the development process, and create a good atmosphere at work. I have an excellent communication skills, I'm very patience, and have good attention to details which gives me an advantage when conducting trainings.