Frisimos Technologies

Frisimos has developed innovative solutions for the automatic assemble of electrical cables. This is an ongoing project, some aspects of this application as well as new features are still under development and will be released in the future.

WebTech Innovation

Software company that specializes in B2C/B2E/B2B portals, mobile applications, form systems, and corporate social networks. As of 2007 WebTech is an advanced business partner of IBM Israel. Worked with WebTech for 3 years, provided them with front-end development services.

NIQ Activate

As a NielsenIQ company, NIQ Activate offers a SaaS solution to help retailers and brands gain insights based on their data to achieve new revenue streams and sales growth. I was providing them with development and consulting services for building the front-end.


An app prototype which provides full overview of the entire network’s topology, performance and data, integrated from multiple network sources (Wi-Fi/external networks, cloud providers and VPNs).

Secure Logic

Digital signature that simplifies contract signing for organizations and legal entities. Built on .Net technologies with Angular as the client it provides an admin dashboard to manage signatures, signers and agents tasks via different devices.

IntelliGym's MA

Project Details

PWA to serve football players and coaches - let users manage their teams, profile, and account and view information.

Big Data

Project Details
A prototype interface for data visualization framework -

A prototype interface for data visualization framework.

ForwardMomentum AGS

Nomades Advanced Technologies

Project Details

Job-oriented diagrams that provide a visual representation of the business processes and help users perform daily tasks quickly.


A platform for enterprises to manage on-demand and last-mile deliveries. They hired me from time to time to do some front-end development work and to implement the designs as they created by Bringg designer.